Community & Social Media Management

We bring useful, interesting and timely information and support to your customers. Make them happy by being in touch with them.

Community & Social Media Management

Customer brand satisfaction relies on three basic concepts:

  • A cool, satisfying product that caters to their needs, wants and expectations.
  • Real time, efficient communication. Not only does a brand need to deliver its message,
           but it must also be open to customers’ feedback.
  • Relevant content. Not everything is about your product or your brand. Point your
           customers in the right direction by offering relevant content that will make them
           thankful and loyal to you in the long run.

At Postal52 we produce a lean, easy and proactive communication strategy with your clients. Thanks to our customer relationship management system, we are involved from start to finish; that is, from user development and acquisition, to customer support and retention.

One of our starting strategies is user acceptance testing. We find out exactly what your current and potential customers think about your product, and then develop a strategy to guide them in the right direction. Whether you want to boost your sales, or just want to reinforce customer engagement, we will design the strategy that best fits your business goals.

Regardless of your product service’s life cycle, we develop and manage your online community to create engagement. We give specialized social customer service and support, and create and curate content to share with them, from images and infographics to blog posts and articles of their interest.

Social Media Management

You may think that managing social media for businesses is as easy as managing your personal social media accounts, and we must tell you it isn’t that simple.

As a business, even a small one, you need to have a professional social media marketing strategy. When we work with you, we research your followers, know their common habits and interests around your brand, then we give them compelling content in order to motivate them to interact with your brand and around it to create engagement.

Moreover, the goal of our social media strategy is not only to have millions of followers or likes or shares, but to bring closer more potential clients and to get more repeating users. That’s why every action, post or interaction with your community is tracked, increasing the chances to repeat successful actions.

Our social media objective goes beyond the digital presence, the real objectives are engagement and retaining users.

Social Customer Support

There will always be happy, concerned or upset customers, so it’s not a surprise that social customer service is an essential task of community management. Doing it effectively and efficiently could be the difference between one-purchase customers and repeating customers.

A customer relationship manager is the person who brings social customer support and manages any situation with your clients so, at the end of the day, every one of them is happy with your brand.

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