Growth Hacking

Every Digital Strategy is made following the Growth Hacking path. We want you to get more visits, convert more clients and retain more customers.

Growth Hacking

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a business person who wonders how to grow a small business, an expanding business or a new one: We can help you!

At Postal52 we are oriented to create original and ingenious marketing strategies focused on one main purpose: Growth. Every taken action is tracked so, supported by analytics, strategies and decisions are put into action and modified at any time in the constant pursuit of growth.

Through website optimization, customer relationship management and digital marketing tactics we develop a small business online community; starting from the very beginning we implement techniques to increase the number of new visitors to a web page, convert them into members-clients and retain them as customers.

Get Visitors

First things first. if you want to grow a business, you need to get out there and get people's attention. In other words, you need to increase website traffic. The more the people who visit your website, the more potential you have to obtain new clients.

In this stage, we take care of optimizing your website to be user and search engine friendly, as well as helping you gain visibility through ads and digital marketing campaigns.

Convert Users

Once you get the attention, building trustworthy relationships is what brings you the real money. Caring and interacting with your visitors could mean the difference between just being “The next hot thing” and being “The next revolutionary thing”.

A well designed website and an accurate customer acquisition strategy for every business will turn into larger conversion rates.

(Persuade them to make a purchase, register on the website or only join a mail list.)

Retain Users

There isn’t a better business model validation than a repeating customer, therefore client retention plays an important role in growing your business. Repeating customers not only give you higher revenue margins but they have the potential to spread the word about your brand and product.

Having well planned customer retention strategies, supported by a sterling community management, ensures the accomplishment of growth hacking ultimate goal: retain users.

Even if you are wondering how to get clients or how to get more subscribers we have a complete and convenient solution for you.

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